Periodically, we have pups, young hounds, running/trialing hounds for sale. 

Call Joe for availibility
Ph. 906.285.2759
If interested, email me at:
"I have had lots of hounds in the past, the dogs Joe sold me are the best I have ever had.  Ran them yesterday for four hours.  Together, they did not have more than a 20 second loss."
Micheal Gray, Hurley, WI
"I truely love the dog you sold me.  I really enjoy watching her run.  I am very proud to own her. 
Thanks for a great dog!"
Dean Baeten, Green Bay, WI
"I feel you gave me a great deal, and I am completely satisfied. If you have another female field champion for sale, let me know. I would like to breed Pic to one of your champions and get a litter of outstanding pups.Thanks"
John Collins, NC
"Joe, I know we have been long time friends. Ever since we've known each other you have been very sucessful in helping get the winning hounds out on the different circuits. You have never been affraid to sell a good hound. The bitch I purchased from you, not only do I think she's will be a great trial prospect but she is now going to be my main hunting dog. She looks to be on her way to being maybe "one of the best dogs I have ever owned". Joe, you have been a great contribution to the sport of beagling!"
Dave Martin, MI
"The female you sold me is doing great! I am very, very happy with her. I have been "screwed" before and not often do you buy a dog and it is EXACTLY as described. She has got a better nose than any other dogs I have owned. I have not taken her to a trial yet, but have not had one day that she couldn't run a rabbit. That means more to me than ribbons. If you need a reference you can use me!"
Birdie from Maine
"Joe, Thank you very much for the great dog! I value your honesty for letting me try her out. Please keep me in mind when you come across another great dog that you would like to sell."
Jason Krueger, Luxumberg, WI
"Joe, I just want to say how much I have enjoyed having Sky, she is extremely sweet and well minded. I have never owned a dog, and I have had quite alot of dogs, that adjusted so quickly and became such a loved member of the family so quickly! I cannot wait to get her on rabbits and really see her shine!
Thanks again for such a great dog!"
"Today we put up about 15 rabbits in about 3 or 4 hours and Sky did really well. She was about 100 feet in front of my partners all age dog and right on the bunnies butt!! Just can't say enough about how pleased I am with her and your kennel. I will be adding another dog within the next year or so. Can guarantee it will be from you!!
Good luck in the trial this weekend!
"Green Bay Kennels: Just dropping you a line to let you know that I am very happy with the young Selma (Music) dog that I purchased from you this winter.  She is doing great with other dogs or by herself.  I have taken about six hare in front of her and a couple she was out by herself.  So far I like everything about her, she is the smartest dog I have ever owned."
Thank you very much - Marty Benes, Antigo, WI
"Looking at your dogs, kennel set up and your attention to detail for were you want to go with your program, I see you take great pride in what you do.  It is nice to see someone that is breeding trialing dogs with the trait that THEY want and not what the current fad of the trial ciruit is.  And I feel that I have made the right choice going with you to get my self built back up.  I do know the importance of getting your bloodlines out there for the public to see, and with a dog that is just for hunting, as great as they are, don't get the exposure that the people behind that hound deserves.  So I will promise you that if these pups turn out like they should, and I feel that they have what it takes to make it in a trial, I will get these pups ready and I will trial them.  Thanks again Joe, good luck and keep in touch."
Joe Jisko, WI
"I am not very good with words, but what you did yesterday I thought was very special.  Instead of selling me one of your pups, you directed me to Kevin and told me that his litter would be better for me.  I will not forget that and thank you for your honesty......"
Hank Bosman
Chippewa Falls, WI
  "Thought I would give you an update on my male, Harper.  He is doing very good.  Since you trained him, he runs the rabbit so close I think I might have trouble getting a safe shot, he is usally 10-30 feet behind the rabbit.  I see you are doing a lot of winning at trials!  Thanks again for over and above training." Go Pack,Dave GamacheMilwaukee, Wisconsin
Hi Joe,  I really like the female you sold me, I have ran her every day but once.  She can really run a rabbit for her age.  I think she is a "Next Level" hound.  She will be entered in Great Miami this weekend.  Thanks again for another nice hound.
PS: Looking for a male of her caliber.
Steve Mullen
Modock Kennels
Thank you for conditioning Moon.  I hope he will be in shape for the Nationals.
I watched the hound you sold Steve and I run the other day.  She is exactly as you described.  She runs a good line with plenty of foot and is quick to get back to the point of loss.  When she gets it, she is gone.
Thanks again for another super hound!
Thank you,
Paul Grebel
"Charlee continues to impress me.  He is all business. He is a really solid check dog, endless hunt, very strong nose, clean with his mouth, great focus and handles really well.  
I've been running him with 4 of my bitches - he gets more than his share of the work done.  On a number of occasions the pack has split, with Charlee taking one line solo, staying with his rabbit while the remainder of the pack ran the other.  All business!
The male pup - named Boogie -- is very bold, intelligent and easy to handle.   While I know we can't predict what puppies will be, considering Boogie's breeding I am confident the roll of the dice is in my favor.  Time will tell.   
You told me I would not be disappointed,and you were right.  I appreciate your honesty and am thankful that you allowed me to have the opportunity to own Charlee and Boogie." 
Edward Becnel
Joe, just wanted to tell you we are very, very happy with Dinah; she is exactly as you said and can flat run a rabbit the way a dog should!  She has plenty of nose power & hunt, all day stamina and handles like dream.  We plan on her being our "foundation" female for years to should be extremely proud of your line of hounds.
Thanks again for letting us have such a nice one,
Jason Mc
I just wanted to let you know that I entered Winn in a SPO trial in Otisville yesterday and took a second out of 35 dogs.  Thanks again for helping me condition this dog last fall.  I hope that this finds you well.
Brent - 
April 17, 2011
I usually dont run cottontail. But my buddies clubs pen has both in it. In a,scale from 1-10 i would rate her at least a 9 for a first time out with me n a pen with more cottontail then  hare! We were amaized at her desire! We figured she hadnt ran them before but she did awsome!! I am very pleased and excited to own her. Thanks again Joe!
Mike Kosto, Upstate New York
December 19, 2011 

Just wanted to update u on sally. Been working with her at our beagle club at least once a week n she been doing good on cottontail. Took her up to gun some snowshoe this past weekend n she was just a machine...thanks again for selling her to me she really is something!
January 31, 2012 
Mr. Kuklenski,
I sent you a PM on the beagle board and I am not sure you are on there that much.  I have Green Bay Million Dollar Baby and she is a joy to hunt and own!!
I feel she is one of the most complete hounds I will ever own.  Your line is as good as it gets! Your dedication is amazing and the results are fun to see!
Do you have any more females presently that you would sell similar to Maggie?  I love Maggies control and balance as a whole, she hunts hard and accounts
for the game with an accurate mouth.  I would love have another like her!  Please let me know what you may have.  Thank you for your time.
Please email me ANYTIME with hounds you may have up for sale.
Congrats on your accomplishments and upcoming accomplishments with all your hounds!!
Jim Hall
March 1st, 2012
FC Green Bay Wiley
Winner at Frontier Canada in 06
Thank you Aaron Westedt for taking Wiley to this trial.
A Little Bit About Green Bay Kennels
Green Bay Kennels is located in Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This particular region is similar to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. In the winter, we have extremely frigid weather with ice and snow covered ground from November to April. In the summer, it can be hot and dry for several months. With these elements, you can see that it takes an intelligent hound that has the ability to adjust to keep the game moving. We need an independent hound with a "Big Nose" to push a hare or cottontail accurately at "Mach 1" speed.

We breed and train our hounds as MULTI-PURPOSE HOUNDSWe expect our hounds to excel in field trials, and we hold high expectations for the same hounds as gundogs. The "Old Timers" are incorrect when they say you need one dog for hunting and another for field trials. (I guess they just never owned a "Multipurpose Hound"). In the last nine months, our kennel has come home with 52 ribbons!!! (AKC-LP/SPO, CKC, UKC, ARHA). We attend these trials to compete! After the trial season is over, our top trial hounds are the same hounds that we hunt hare or cottontail with.

Our first love is simply running dogs with friends. We run in the wild as much as we run in our 60 acre training facility. When we hunt, we take the sportsman approach and do not shoot many rabbits, but rather enjoy listening and watching the hounds perform under all conditions. 

Training dogs is another priority of ours. It takes a tremendous amount of time, patience, and effort to get a hound properly conditioned for trials. We do not enter a dog in a trial unless we feel that it can WIN.

Green Bay Kennels takes great pride in the physical training aspect as well as keeping our hounds healthy and clean. Physical conditioning, health, diet and bloodlines are our top priorities.

As a breeder I am committed to breed quality hunting and trial hounds. It is my pledge to put in the extra time, effort, and money necessary to produce the ideal rabbit hound. I do not want good hounds, I have made it my goal to reproduce the best. As a breeder this is a planned, life-long journey based upon sound genetic principles. I have set my breeding standards high. I am not kennel blind,“ If someone has something better, I go get it. In my 37 years of breeding hounds I have made mistakes. However, I feel I have profited from my experiences. I concentrate on quality. We want to produce hounds that are specialists in finding and accounting for game. I breed for fast and clean hounds.
FC Green Bay Sandi is one of those special hounds that only comes around once in a great time. When she was five months old, she could lead and check hounds that were placing in trials. At an early age, we knew she was going to be special. We believe FC Green Bay Sandi is the youngest hound ever to finish in the Northern Michigan Hare Association. Sandi was 17 months old when she finished for her AKC Field Championship!

Sandi's mother is FC Green Bay Wiley, NMHA's High Hound 2006. Wiley's mother, FC Busca Bound Minka Marge was also NHMA's High Hound in 2007. Sandi finished runner up to her grandmother Marge in 2007. Currently, the ages of these three dominating females are: Sandi-2, Wiley-3, and Marge-4. Between Sandi and Wiley, they have 18 licenced wins. How many wins would they accumulate if we kept running them for the next 5-6 years?
2006 NMHA 13"female of the year.   
2006 Better Beagling 13" female of the year.
By the time he was 2.5 years old, Butch completed his requirements to become an AKC field champion. His next trial was at the 2003 Nationals in Raymond NH. Butch won the 13" male class to become a National Champion.

As you can see Butch comes from an extremely gifted pedigree of producers. Butch has only three offspring participating in AKC trials. The first is FC Green Bay Wiley who was Better Beaglings 2006 Outstanding 13" female, & NMHA's 13" female hound of the Year. The second is near FC Green Bay Mic who has two wins and several placings. Mic has not been entered in many trials. The third hound that Butch has sired and is running in trials is Candy's Humpty Dumpty who has a win and several seconds, thirds, and fourths. Both Mic and Humpty Dumpty should finish. When choosing a stud, producing percentage is #1!

Butch is the most intelligent hound that we have ever owned. As a hunting companion he is untouchable. Just open Butch's pen and he will beat you to the truck. He jumps up on the tailgate and into his box. He has never taken off game and is a pleasure to listen to while he brings around after rabbit.

Butch is DNA Profiled.

                                                              IFC Wingate's Brandon
                                            Melanson’s Brandon 
                                                                   Stone's Tiny Tina
                             FC Melanson’s Ranger Dan   
                                                                   Otterbrook Duke             
                                            Stone’s Elm Tessie 
                                                                   The Elm's Mandy
              IFC Green Bay Shooter 
                                                                   FC Birch Lake Texas T
                                            FC Birch Lake Mic 
                                                                   FC Colby Hill Flora
                             FC Pine Acre’s Mollie 
                                                                   Lentz's Willie
                                             Pine Acre’s Ginger 
                                                                   Burbeys Singing Sheba
                                                                   IFC Branko's Heli Prop
                                            IFC Branko’s Proper Baron 
                                                                   Branko's Magic Dutchess
                             NLPC FC S.R. Donald Butch 
                                                                   IFC Trakarab Pacesetter
                                            Branko’s Doctor Quinn 
                                                                   FC Branko's Tweedy McCaul
                FC Green Bay Wiley 
                                                                   NLPC IFC Branko's Magic Touch
                                             FC Branko’s Magic Joey 
                                                                   Branko's Whiskers
                             FC Busca Bound Minka Marge 
                                                                   IFC Trakarab Pacesetter
                                             FC Holdworth’s Little Flirt
                                                                   FC Blackk Point Bessie
Green Bay Kennels 

Green Bay Kennels has a 40 acre running pen for all age hounds and a one acre puppy pen to start pups.

We attend all trials in the Northern Michigan Hare Association and several Mid-West Gundog trials throughout the year. If you need a dog conditioned and trialed, we offer this service as well.

All hounds will be wormed and vaccinated upon arrival.

How To Buy A Hound From Green Bay Kennels

1.  You must be serious about owning a fine hunting or trialing 
2.  We do NOT raise our beagles to be house pets. They are 
      bred to hunt.
FC Snow Run Rita
                                               Melanson Brandon
         IFC Melanson's Ranger Dan
                                              Stone's Elm Tessie
                                              FC Birch Lake Mic
         FC Pine Acre's Mollie
                                              Pine Acre's Ginger
                           SPO CH FC Haunted Hill Shaker
         Shoreacre's Haunted Shaker
                                        Branko's Sweet Christie
                               Shoreacre's Branko's Trimmer
         Shoreacre's Branko's Trixie
                                    Shoreacre's Jesse's Donna
FC Green Bay Million Dollar Baby
                                               Melanson Brandon
         IFC Melanson's Ranger Dan
                                              Stone's Elm Tessie
                                              FC Birch Lake Mic
         FC Pine Acre's Mollie
                                              Pine Acre's Ginger
                                       FC Birch Lake Drummer
         FC Vick's Express Tag
                                                   Vick's Freckles
                                   FC Black Creek Little Man
         Branko's Sammi Jo
                                FC Branko's Tweedy McCaul
NLPC IFC Green Bay Shooter
Shoreacre's Shaker's Dinah
NLPC IFC Green Bay Shooter
NLPC FC Deer Lake Oreo
FC Green Bay Wiley
Ph. 906.285.2759
FC Green Bay Wiley was a hound that most beaglers simply dream about owning. She was definitely a once in a lifetime hound. 
Wiley competed in field trials for only 9 months. In nine months she ran in trials, she won 14 of them. She won AKC,CKC, UKC and ARHA formats. In nine months she accumulated nearly 500 AKC points! There are thousands of fast hounds, thousands of close hounds, but very few FAST and CLOSE. Wiley was the fastest and closest hound that we have  EVER seen.
We sincerely would like to stress the point on how much fun we had bringing Wiley to field trials all over the United States and Canada. Aaron Westedt, Scott Czerwonka and myself each brought her to trials and left wondering, "who took second?" Wiley was so dominating; she often doubled the second place hound in points!
Wiley was bred twice before she passed away. In her first litter, sired by FC Green Bay Dickey Doo, she had four pups. One male went to my neighbor as a pet. Two others are entered in a few trials per year, and both have wins and places. I kept one female, FC Green Bay Sandi. IFC Green Bay Shooter sired Wiley's second litter. Thanks Wiley, for all the fun and great memories...
Butkus as been sold to: Dave and Don McVay
Sundow Beagles - Fresno, Ohio    Ph. (740) 502-9515

Front row (left to right): 
Kevin Orr with Nemi 
(IFC Green Bay Butkus & FC Green Bay Blue Bay)  


Butch Saari with FC Whitney Creek Captain Jack 
(IFC Green Bay Shooter & Shoreacres Dinah)

Back row (left to right):  Jeremy DeRosso  

Joe Kuklenski with NLPC-IFC Green Bay Paw King 
(IFC Green Bay Butkus & FC Green Bay Blue Bay) 


David Martin with  NFC Busch Bound Humdinger 
(FC Green Bay Big Booty Judy & FC Candy's Humpty Dumpty)
Starting two 5 month old pups out of NLPC-IFC Green Bay Paw King & FC Green Bay Sandi

D.O.B. June 18, 2007

Green Bay Kennels does not breed our females just to sell pups.  When we have an outstanding female, solid in all areas, only then will we breed her.  Again, the female must be the “Total Package”, before a breeding transpires.  As a breeder, I am committed to breed quality hunting and trial hounds.  It is my pledge to put the extra time, effort, and finances necessary to produce the “Ideal” rabbit hound.  I do not want good hounds, when that is what my competition has.  It is my goal to reproduce the best.  As a breeder, this is a planned, lifelong journey based upon sound genetic principles, not a destination.  I have set my breeding standards high.  I am not “Kennel Blind.“  If someone has something better, I go get it.  I concentrate on quality not quantity.  My focus is to produce hounds that are specialists in finding and accounting for game.  I breed for fast and accurate hounds.

NLPC IFC GREEN BAY PAW KING has the genetic traits that I would like to perpetuate. King has everything I want in future beagles.  King is a beautifully built, true 13” hound.  He is black-blanketed, with ticking on his neck, legs, and unders.  His legs are level straight, with good tight feet, which are built for running day after day.  King has long, well proportioned ears, a houndy head, with a perfect “scissors” bite.  He has an exceptional loud chop voice that dominates a pack
NLPC IFC GREEN BAY PAW KING is the youngest hound ever to win the AKC Nationals.  In my opinion, I do not believe there is another 13”male that can run, with accuracy, in front of King.  Yes, it is true,  King is a better snow hound than IFC Green Bay Shooter was his first winter on snow!  King’s best is yet to come.
When choosing your stud, the strong hounds that I would look at in  King’s pedigree, on the sire’s side are:  IFC Green Bay Butkus, IFC Green Bay Shooter, FC Green Bay Wiley, (without a doubt, there was no hound that could accurately run the front on Wiley)  FC Pine Acres Mollie, (5X Better Beagling’s Top Producing Dam) IFC Melanson’s Ranger Dan, IFC Branko’s Proper Baron, FC Birch Lake Mic, IFC Trakarab Pacesetter and IFC Branko’s Heli Prop.  On the dam’s side:  FC Green Bay Blue Bay, IFC MJR Argenteuil  Striker, IFC Maravic’s Blue Ninja, IFC Branko’s Ali Baba, 2X NLPC/FC Maravic’s Mimi, and FC Maravic’s Blue Moon.  Four of the top all-time leading producers (Shooter, Striker, Ranger Dan and Ninja) are King’s close ancestors!
Brandon LaBombard, NY
Ph. 518-645-2510
True 13" Dog
 D.O.B. June 17th, 2009   
AKC#:  HP 34832905    DNA Profile
                                               FTCH The Elm's Jigs Maggies Mate
                                           FTCH Milt's Queon 
                                                                FTCH Mirabel Rose
                             IFC MJR Mitsou Argenteuil Striker  
                                                               Mirabel Zebulon           
                                            FTCH Stanabe Mitsou De Tan
                                                               FTCH Tanerine Dream DE Kanniest
             Maravic's Blues Clues 
                                                                FTCH Branko's Jack of  All Trades
                                            IFC Maravic's Blue Ninja
                                                                Greenbrier Branko's Tootsie
                            FC Maravic's Blue Moon
                                                                FTCH Getemout Jim Beau
                                             Greenbrier Charity
                                                                FTCH Branko's Great Nada
DAM: FC Green Bay Blue Bay
                                                                FTCH Branko's Cooper Boy
                                            IFC Branko's Ali-Baba 
                                                                Branko's Double Ann
                             FC Maravic's Aladdin
                                                                FTCH Branko's Jack of All Trades
                                            NLPC FC Maravic's Mimi
                                                                Greenbrier Branko's Tootsie
             FC Mr Stubs Nikita 
                                                                IFC Maravic's Blue Ninja
                                            FC Greenbrier Maravic's Simba
                                                                IFC Greenbrier Old Black Magic
                             Maravic's Mr Stubs Dianna
                                                               IFC Maravic's Blue Ninja
                                            FC Maravic's Blue Moon
                                                               Greenbrier Charity
Will Condition And Train Hounds
FC Green Bay Sandi

A.  BEFORE you contact Green Bay Kennels:
3. Please inquire into transportation. Transportation is the buyer's responsibility. 

We can ship dogs by plane, but there are many restrictions and hidden charges. We will help out in anyway we can to reduce transportation cost but please understand, it is your responsibility to make arrangements. YOU MUST HAVE A WAY TO TRANSPORT THE HOUND BEFORE YOU CONTACT US.

4.  Know exactly what you want. 

Example: Do you want a male or female? Do you want a pup or started hound? Yes, we do sell top quality "Trial Hounds," with or without places. We even sell our best Field Champions. It makes our conversation much easier if you know exactly what you want before you contact us.

B.  AFTER you contact Green Bay Kennels:

1.  A $50.00 deposit will reserve your pup in order received. If you do not make 
    a deposit, we cannot hold it for you.

2. Finalize transportation arrangements.

3. Have your hound transported promptly. We will NOT hold hounds after a date 
   has been set. There will be an additional cost if we board your dog.
$150.00 per month to start or condition your hound, plus you must supply the dog food.

$250.00 per month for conditioning and trialing your hound, 
plus the cost of entry fees.
Joe Kuklenski
N9190 S. BARBER ROAD     BESSEMER, MI  49911

"Thanks for selling  a great hound!"

Paul Hickey
New Foundland, Canada
Thanks Joe,

We have very little to do with the win. The dog was bred right and it all goes back to Green Bay. It proofed that an average person could win running green bay dog. Thanks to you for selling us some very nice hound that even it was bred and started by Yang, the green bay style is still in the dog. 



Thank you so much for taking us rabbit hunting! We had a great time. Your hounds are outstanding and the rabbits were delicious!

Thanks again,

Anna, Karl, and Steve Spiekerman
Madison, Wisconsin
Hi Joe,

Ran Suzy today on cottontail, she ran very well. It was 45 degrees, raining, and the wind was blowing 20 mph. She ran the rabbit for a solid hour solo. Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to own a great dog.

Best Regards,
Gary Gomes, MA

You sold me one hell of a dog, and I will always be grateful to you. I will send plenty of pups your way.

Jason Fetters

2007 Better Beagling's Large Pack High Hound